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Re: I just got my pinephone.

From: Christine Lemmer-Webber
Subject: Re: I just got my pinephone.
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2021 11:59:11 -0400
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Joshua Branson <> writes:

> Hey Guix!
> I just got my phinephone.

Horray!  Awesome!

> It's currently running postmarketOS (1).  I usually work nights two
> nights a week 10pm-6am (EST) Sunday night and Monday night.  If a guix
> developer would like ssh access to it during those times, then please
> let me know.  If I should use Mobian instead to help port guix to it,
> then I would be willing to switch.

I wonder how much harder it is to port the pine*.scm stuff over as a
"just get it to boot" first step.  It can't be too hard... can it?!

It looks like I'm being "forced" to switch over to my pinephone as my
primary phone anyway.  So maybe now's a good time to see if we can Guix
it up.

Guix on top of Mobian makes sense as a starting point to just make sure
packiages work though I suppose.  I do have Mobian running on mine so
maybe that's a great place to start.

What I'd really like: to use the Guix System Image API so I can do a
"just works" flash-to-sd-card.

> I'd be happy to help out!  Also (2) works really well with
> chatty.

Let's talk in #guix?!

> Thanks,
> Joshua
> 1)
> 2)

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