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Re: I just got my pinephone.

From: vidak
Subject: Re: I just got my pinephone.
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2021 16:37:14 -0700

Yo all!

Just put the latest nightly Mobian again on my pinephone--I am going to
attempt to put Guix on it over the next couple days.

I will keep everyone posted on how the process goes (:


On 2021-09-02 15:59, Christine Lemmer-Webber wrote:
> Joshua Branson <> writes:
>> Hey Guix!
>> I just got my phinephone.
> Horray!  Awesome!
>> It's currently running postmarketOS (1).  I usually work nights two
>> nights a week 10pm-6am (EST) Sunday night and Monday night.  If a guix
>> developer would like ssh access to it during those times, then please
>> let me know.  If I should use Mobian instead to help port guix to it,
>> then I would be willing to switch.
> I wonder how much harder it is to port the pine*.scm stuff over as a
> "just get it to boot" first step.  It can't be too hard... can it?!
> It looks like I'm being "forced" to switch over to my pinephone as my
> primary phone anyway.  So maybe now's a good time to see if we can Guix
> it up.
> Guix on top of Mobian makes sense as a starting point to just make sure
> packiages work though I suppose.  I do have Mobian running on mine so
> maybe that's a great place to start.
> What I'd really like: to use the Guix System Image API so I can do a
> "just works" flash-to-sd-card.
>> I'd be happy to help out!  Also (2) works really well with
>> chatty.
> Let's talk in #guix?!
>> Thanks,
>> Joshua
>> 1)
>> 2)

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