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Re: guix environment --load vs. --file inconsistency

From: Attila Lendvai
Subject: Re: guix environment --load vs. --file inconsistency
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2021 10:05:58 +0000

> as an alternative for '-l'/'--load' there.) I often write simple
> packages in individual files, outside of the guix repo or any kind of
> proper channel setup, and I don't see much point in requiring every such
> package to have its own single-package manifest, although it wouldn't be
> too difficult if it were required (just extra boilerplate for standalone
> package files).

FWIW, i'm new to Guix, and it was enough to read the --help output to
understand how --file works, but i still don't know what manifests are
(even though i'm regularly using `guix package -m
/path/to/manifest.scm`, which i have copied from somewhere).

i know where it's documented. what i'm talking about here is how to
optimize the results/time ratio of the project for newcomers; IOW, the
project's approachability. i just haven't gotten to reading up on
manifests, and yet i'm already getting things done.

- attila
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