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Re: Let’s meet in person in Paris, Sept. 16–18!

From: Tanguy LE CARROUR
Subject: Re: Let’s meet in person in Paris, Sept. 16–18!
Date: Mon, 02 May 2022 09:52:11 +0200
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Hi Guix!

Quoting Ludovic Courtès (2022-04-14 16:08:46)
> This year is Guix’s ten year anniversary and also a time when in-person
> meetings are again possible in some regions of the world, so… Simon and
> myself have tentatively scheduled an in-person meeting in Paris, France,
> from September 16th to 18th!  \o/

If everything goes as planned (but life being what it is… who knows!?)
I should be able to attend the 3 days! \o/

> For this to work, we’ll need your help: to define the program (looking
> for speakers, for facilitators for work groups or hacking sessions), for
> the logistics (especially if you live in Paris, but also: setting up
> video capture and publication, live streaming), setting up a web page,
> and so on.

I live in (near) and work in Paris so I can give a hand with logistics!
… depending on what "logistics" means! ^_^'
I can definitively carry stuff and move things around. For the rest, who
knows! :-)

> We have been in contact with IRILL¹, which kindly offers to host the
> event in its offices; we are discussing to confirm the details.
> The way we see it, it would go as follows:
>   1. Friday will be dedicated to uses of Guix for reproducible research
>      workflows, primarily with talks from people with experience in the
>      field.

That might be the perfect time to discuss something that I've wanted to
organise for a looong time: talking about Guix on the French radio in
the April's "Libre à vous" [1][].
Guix as is, is a bit too technical for the audience, but Frédéric Couchet
suggested to talk about a broader subject: "reproductibilité des environnements
logiciels pour la recherche" ("software environment reproducibilité for 
And Guix would be a part of it.
We "just" need to identify potential speakers.


>   2. Saturday and Sunday will be more informal, with a mixture of talks,
>      tutorials, hacking sessions, install parties, or really whatever
>      you’d like to see happen—including having a birthday cake.  :-)

> We invite y’all to share ideas and suggestions: things you’d like to
> talk about or hear about, hacking sessions you’d like to have with
> others, things you’d like to do to introduce Guix to newcomers.

For what it is worth, here is my top 3:

- Guix System on Olimex Olinuxino
- Guix System GNU/Hurd on Olinuxino… and Viking D8… and Thinkpad T200
- GNUnet on Guix System GNU/Hurd on Olinuxino

Have you spotted the pattern?! :-)

Looking forward to September!


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