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Re: Haskell updates: GHC 9 and Stackage 19

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: Re: Haskell updates: GHC 9 and Stackage 19
Date: Mon, 2 May 2022 10:26:53 +0200

Hi zimoun,

> In the light of «‘staging’ branch is open!» [1], it could be nice! :-)
there’s no way we’ll get this done by your proposed date May 8th. Last
time it took me two weeks full time to update everything. I don’t want
to delay the merge of staging for this.

> About the importer, I do not know.  But we can share the workload.
> Well, I will give a try next week.
Sure, go ahead. But for starters we don’t even have GHC 9.0 as a
package yet. Meanwhile I’m working on improvements for the cabal
importer, so it does not choke on certain .cabal files.


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