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Feed on specific topic (public-inbox?)

From: zimoun
Subject: Feed on specific topic (public-inbox?)
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2022 10:22:36 +0200


On Thu, 02 Jun 2022 at 21:35, Luis Felipe <> wrote:

> As for reviewing patches or just taking a look at reported issues
> against parts of Guix one is interested, it would be easier if there
> were some kind of subscription system. Say, I'd like to subscribe to
> issues on Python packages, Spanish translation, and guix-artwork. I
> know this kind of subscription thing has been mentioned before,
> though. 

As discussed in «Incentives for review» [1], using public-inbox, you can
filter using «dfn: match filename from diff» or even write more complex
queries [2].  For instance, read from your browser,

And you can even follow a feed, for instance:

Note that recent ’public-inbox’ comes from with the tool ’lei’. This
tool ’lei’ allows to query a public-inbox server and then fetch some
filtered messages to use it locally.  Currently, the Guix package is at
1.6 and it requires an update at 1.7; discussed here [3].  In this
message [4], you can find some Emacs workflow using public-inbox.

For guix-artwork, as a whole, I do not know what would be the best

What is missing from Mumi is the use of Message-ID for an easy
referencing between the email tools, as discussed in [5].

As we discussed once, maybe it would help to have an “official“
public-inbox instance for the Guix project.  For instance, Org folks
uses a public-inbox instance [6] and switched 2 years ago [7].

>From my point of view, public-inbox would fix some annoyance about the
“email workflow”.  Now the question is: who help in the maintenance? :-)

1: <>
2: <>
3: <>
4: <>
5: <>
6: <>
7: <>


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