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Re: Status of hibernation (suspend to disk) in Guix

From: Ivan Vilata i Balaguer
Subject: Re: Status of hibernation (suspend to disk) in Guix
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2022 17:23:57 +0100

Thanks for the update, Tobias!  More inline…

Tobias Geerinckx-Rice (2022-12-02 21:32:09 +0100) wrote:

> Ivan Vilata i Balaguer 写道:
> > So the TL;DR would be: Is it worth adding such documentation, given the
> > current state of hibernation support in Guix?
> I think documenting the current status quo in time for 1.4.0 is a good idea.
> The next step is to automate things so ‘resume=’ becomes optional. This
> should have landed already, but hasn't for personal reasons. The code is
> basically ready, but won't be in the release.

Regarding that, and in case it's useful for post-release work: in #59746 I
skipped documenting `resume_offset` with more detail, even if it's needed for
resuming from a swap file.  The reason is that according to [swsusp doc][1],
some specific tool may be needed to compute the swap file offset.  There is
[swap-offset][2] from the uswsusp suite, which is missing from Guix and no
longer shipped with Debian.  I guess that rewriting that small logic in Scheme
wouldn't be too difficult.



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