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[bug#28004] Chromium

From: ng0
Subject: [bug#28004] Chromium
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2018 19:34:22 +0000

Adonay Felipe Nogueira transcribed 890 bytes:
> > Reading up on GNU Taler, Chromium seems like a poor choice for an
> > anonymous payment system.  Why not GNU IceCat?  I don't see Chromium
> > becoming stable enough for guaranteed privacy any time soon.  And a full
> > fork would require a large maintenance team.
> +1 (I agree with you).

Read the follow-up emails I've sent.

Also, 1 line emails which basically say "+1" are not really good,
even more so when it goes offtopic (this is about getting Chrmium into
Guix!). As we are already offtopic: Want Cross-Browser support
so that the Browser *extension* (Taler is not *a* Browser) runs
in legacy old cruft Icecat base and newer Firefox (which shares
extension format with Chrome?
Good, there's something to work on in Taler if you want it.

Again, I am not a Taler developer, reach out to them.

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