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[bug#34299] [PATCH] gnu: Add coq-autosubst

From: Dan Frumin
Subject: [bug#34299] [PATCH] gnu: Add coq-autosubst
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2019 14:46:24 +0100
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Hi Julien!

> So, why this commit and this branch in particular? It seems that there
> are some releases on github, and we tend to prefer using a released
> version of packages.

This is the latest commit in the branch that compiles with the latest version 
of Coq.
Unfortunately the files on the "releases" page are outdated.

> Please remove these comments :)

> We now use (invoke ...) instead of (zero? (system* ...)).

Thanks, I've updated it!

By the way, I did not subscribe to the guix-pactches.
Is there a way to receive email on this particular issue from the bug tracker, 
without subscribing to the mailing list in full?

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