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[bug#43654] [PATCH] Add perl-opengl

From: Malte Frank Gerdes
Subject: [bug#43654] [PATCH] Add perl-opengl
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 2020 17:01:29 +0200
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So i now managed to test if it works :) (spoiler: it does - at least on
my machine).

The patch attached to my previous mail which just adds
perl-opengl-shader and perl-opengl-image are not necessary (and also not

I did the following:
   1. ./pre-inst-env guix environment perl-opengl --ad-hoc perl-opengl 
   2. git clone git:// pogl-code
   3. cd pogl-code/examples
   4. for p in *.pl; do timeout 5 perl $p; done

and this should result in all examples running successfully. This isn't
something that can be added to the test phase, isn't it?

The black screen of is a mystery (to me) though :/


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