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[bug#43840] [PATCH] gnu: Add esbuild.

From: Ryan Prior
Subject: [bug#43840] [PATCH] gnu: Add esbuild.
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2020 02:08:36 +0000

Hey Efraim, thank you for your comments!

On Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 at 6:34 AM, Efraim Flashner 
<> wrote:

> There is an npm directory which is where the compiled binaries are
> placed, there are a couple in the checked out repo.

The compiled binaries might be placed there by the gnu-build-system, but the 
go-build-system does not put binaries there by itself. (Note that their make 
target explicitly specifies output directories.)

I think our build totally ignores this directory, so it shouldn't matter 
whether we delete it, but if you think removing the unneeded directory improves 
the package I'll update the patch with a snippet.

>     Is it worth trying to run some of the test suite? I see there are a
>     couple of 'make check' type targets in the Makefile at the root of the
>     repository and currently there are none run during the build.

It would be nice to run their tests, but the test system currently assumes 
network access to install some various JavaScript dependencies using npm. We 
might patch the test system and vendor in the deps (used only for testing,) 
what do you think?


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