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[bug#44193] [PATCH 0/1] 'guix publish --cache' can publish items not yet

From: Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas
Subject: [bug#44193] [PATCH 0/1] 'guix publish --cache' can publish items not yet cached
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 20:19:17 +0100
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Ludovic Courtès <> writes:
> Hi,
> Miguel Ángel Arruga Vivas <> skribis:
>> I fully agree with that.  Adding 202 together with 404 would be enough
>> as an start, wouldn't it?
>> -------------------------------8<-----------------------------
>>             (cache-narinfo! url (hash-part->path hash-part) #f
>>                             (if (or (= 404 code) (= 202 code))
>>                                 ttl
>>                                 %narinfo-transient-error-ttl))
>> ------------------------------->8-----------------------------
> Yes, exactly!

Should I, or you, push this before the release?  It's probably worth
having it already for 1.2.

The optimization could be cool too: IIUC could be only the other if
branch the one returning the 202 when it's widely accepted, perhaps I
should have explicitly pointed out that earlier instead of driving too
much the conversation to the return code, sorry for that. :-(

Happy hacking!

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