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[bug#47539] [PATCH v2 00/26] Add github-cli and dependencies

From: Xinglu Chen
Subject: [bug#47539] [PATCH v2 00/26] Add github-cli and dependencies
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2021 20:31:19 +0200

Changes since v1:

- Renamed 'gh' to 'github-cli' to avoid short two or three letter names.

- Added a phase in 'github-cli' to remove its dependence on the
  'go-github-com-cli-safeexec' package, and I also removed
  'go-github-com-cli-safeexec' itself since it is only used on Windows.

- Removed 'go-github-com-shurcool-sanitized-anchor-name' because it
  already existed.  Upstream uses '_' instead of '-' in the name, the Go
  importer didn't convert '_' to '-' so I had to fix it myself without
  realizing that the package already existed.
- Marked 'go-github-com-cli-shurcool-graphql' as a hidden package
  because it is GitHub's own fork of 'go-github-com-shurcool-graphql',
  and is only used by 'github-cli'.
Xinglu Chen (26):
  gnu: Add go-github-com-hinshun-vt10x.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-creack-pty.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-kr-pty.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-netflix-go-expect.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-alecaivazis-survey-v2.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-makenowjust-heredoc.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-briandowns-spinner.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-cli-browser.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-cli-oauth.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-cli-safeexec.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-russross-blackfriday-v2.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-cpuguy83-go-md2man-v2.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-enescakir-emoji.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-gabriel-vasile-mimetype.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-google-shlex.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-henvic-httpretty.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-itchyny-go-flags.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-itchyny-timefmt-go.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-itchyny-gojq.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-mattn-go-runewidth.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-rivo-uniseg.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-shurcool-githubv4.
  gnu: Add go-gopkg-in-yaml-v3.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-shurcool-graphql.
  gnu: Add go-github-com-cli-shurcool-graphql.
  gnu: Add github-cli.

 gnu/packages/golang.scm          | 697 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 gnu/packages/version-control.scm | 145 +++++++
 2 files changed, 842 insertions(+)

base-commit: 9c9a36de732ea8485e47e84b888e121233f68452

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