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[bug#47643] [PATCH 15/22] gnu: zbar: Update to 0.23.92.

From: Raghav Gururajan
Subject: [bug#47643] [PATCH 15/22] gnu: zbar: Update to 0.23.92.
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 22:21:00 -0400

This release 0.23.92 is a beta / release candidate, so we shouldn't
package it.

Check here, it's marked as "pre-release":

I think this would explain why 0.23.92 is not available on

It's common to use versions *.90 through *.99 for beta releases, so it's
a little weird that they marked 0.23.90 as a full release. But we
shouldn't downgrade it now unless there are some bugs.

Ah. Thanks for the info. I'll try to update to latest non-beta version instead.

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