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[bug#56690] [PATCH] gnu: seatd-service-type: Should use seat group.

From: muradm
Subject: [bug#56690] [PATCH] gnu: seatd-service-type: Should use seat group.
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2022 20:28:58 +0300
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Ludovic Courtès <> writes:


muradm <> skribis:

* gnu/services/desktop.scm (seatd-service-type): Uses "seat" group.
[extensions]: Added account-service-type with %seatd-accounts.
(%seatd-accounts): List with "seat" group.
(<seatd-configuration>): [group] Change default value to "seat". * doc/guix.texi: Mention that users may need to become members of
"seat" group and update default value for group field.

I guess I’m missing some context: is this fixing a bug currently
present?  (Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere!)

Not really a bug, but misconfiguration i suppose. Started here with
commit about month or two ago:

Basically, with original configuration, greeter was in the wheel group
which allowed it to communicate with seatd over /run/seatd.sock.

+Users which are going to interact with @code{seatd} daemon while logged in


With above fix, wheel and other groups were removed. While it was not
affecting default greeter agretty, some people including me, use
graphical greeter gtkgreet or others based on sway. Then sway with
greeter started by greetd needs to communicate with seatd. Due to
the fact of missing permission, greeter just dies with blank screen.

So "users which are going to interact" basically users who want
to run sway, or anything else requiring libseat based seat management

+should be added to @code{seat} group. For instance:
+  (name "alice")
+  (group "users")
+  (supplementary-groups '("wheel"   ;allow use of sudo, etc.
+                          "seat"    ;interact with seatd
+                          "audio"   ;sound card
+ "video" ;video devices such as webcams
+                          "cdrom")) ;the good ol' CD-ROM
+  (comment "Bob's sister"))

The problem I see with this extra doc is that even I wouldn’t know how to tell whether I’m going to “interact with seatd”. Fundamentally it’s
not something I really care about.  :-)

How could we improve on this? Like, if this is important, should it be
the default?

Two options, a) users who want greetd/seatd setup normally advanced
users wishing to get away from systemd/logind/dbus world, so they
probably was to be aware of what is going on; b) copy a piece of
documentation from seatd, explaining seatd.sock maybe. Other than
that I could ask the same question about video, audio etc. groups :)


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