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[H-source-users] where to discuss development concerns

From: bill-auger
Subject: [H-source-users] where to discuss development concerns
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 03:01:53 -0400

it just occurred to me, that this mailing list is named
'h-source-users' - for GNU projects, that conventionally denotes
a list for user support - GNU projects conventionally have lists
named like 'bug-foo' for bug reports, 'foo-devel' for dev

the only other list currently is: 'h-source-usuarios' which has
exactly one message sent to it ever, in 2012

h-client has only a 'h-client-devel' list, though it is arguably
more likely to receive bug reports than the server code

we should probably discuss which channels we want to use - if
there are to be mainly development discussions on this list, we
should probably create 'h-source-devel', and use that instead

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