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Re: [H-source-users] Deciding what to do with the server side code

From: bill-auger
Subject: Re: [H-source-users] Deciding what to do with the server side code
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 04:29:50 -0400

ok, i re-read some of the previous discussions

the easygiant developer (antonio) stated very clearly that he
still works on it and that it is already PHP7-compatible
and that he is totally wiling to guide the upgrade 

> The development of h-sourse is maybe not active but I'm still
> developing the framework easygiant hsource is based on, that is
> published on sourceforge.

> Hi, the website is dead, but I still push code to svn at
> sourceforge. 
> It's designed for every kind of website or admin area. Now it is
> also php7 compatible. I use it for my daily work as freelance
> developer. It can now use pdo.
> A good thing would be to use the new easygiant library inside
> h-source. If someone would like to do it, I can help with
> instructions if some problems arise.

regarding the state of the running code vs the published code,
according to the admin (Ian), there should see a large
difference - Ian suggested publishing the running code
separately for that reason - perhaps it was done at some later
time, but Ian did not mention doing so - i still think we should
not presume that they are in sync, and get the actual code
running on the server

> The main issue is that h-node and h-source are quite far out of
> sync. When I first started contributing, h-node had changes that
> weren't on h-source, and h-source had had major changes to the
> framework that weren't on h-node. I spent some time trying to
> bring the two back into sync, but wasn't comfortable uploading
> major changes to h-node which were not simply updates to what
> was on h-node, and that I hadn't written and didn't understand.
> I've been considering simply uploading the h-node version to
> h-source so that anyone wanting to test and contribute at least
> has the actual version running on h-node as a good base to start
> from. Any objections to this suggestion? It will roll back a lot
> of the framework changes from h-source, but once this is done,
> someone with the time can look at working with Antonio to
> integrate the latest EasyGiant framework. Getting things running
> smoothly on PHP7.x is long overdue.

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