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[Health-dev] REST for FHIR in Tryton

From: Chris
Subject: [Health-dev] REST for FHIR in Tryton
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2014 01:57:03 -0700
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Hiya all!

I wanted to do some work on the server-side FHIR specification --- as
the client implementation definitely seems usable --- but I must admit
confusion as to how to begin. Tryton, if I'm not mistaken, does not have
a simple url routing mechanism, like some other python frameworks (e.g.,
Flask). But the FHIR specification requires a REST API, with simple url
endpoints. Should I start writing bindings for the necessary FHIR
functionality, and leave the url endpoints for...another time and place?
For example, the `Patient` resource endpoint must conform to the restful
api, and needs to: return a patient resource (with all the necessary
info) given a resource id, search patient data and return all matching
records, delete a patient record, etc. I guess what I'm asking is this:
should I start writing minimal bindings without worrying overmuch about
the REST endpoints and the greater design required by the FHIR
specification? I'm cautious about writing code without having a clear
design in mind. Of course, I do not have too much experience with Tryton
and FHIR, so if I'm betraying my ignorance, please feel free to correct
me! =-)

Thanks for the guidance.


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