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Re: [Health] How to handle corporate patients?

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] How to handle corporate patients?
Date: Sat, 26 May 2012 12:37:44 -0300

Hi Russel / Ronald

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 2:54 AM, Russel Mahmud <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Hope, you all are doing well. Recently i have installed gnuhealth 1.4.5 and
> checking out it's functionalities and workflows. I am planning to customise
> it for a hospital here. In that hospital there is a special kind of patient
> called corporate patient. Hospital and corporate make a deal that all
> employees of that corporate will take all services on credit. At the end of
> month hospital will send an invoice to corporate office including expenses
> of all employees that taken services from that hospital.
> I have tried to implement this case on existing gnuhealth. I have approached
> following steps:
> 1) Create a payment term "On Credit" where Payment Term Lines was: (Type:
> Remainder, Number of Days: 30, Condition: End of Month)
> 2) Create a new patient, whose Invoice Payment Terms: "On Credit". (But
> couldn't find any a way to choose company/corporate where patient works for)
> 3) Create a new appointment including a consultation service whose value
> say: BDT 500
> 4) Then create an invoice against that appointment. Now invoice status is
> Draft.
> 5) Now On the | Financial Menu --> Invoices ---> Draft Invoices | there are
> a lot of draft invoices including Normal patients and Corporate Patients. I
> have to find out which draft invoices are for corporate patients. Then i can
> create Credit Note from Launch Action for that patient with Refund yes/no.
> 6) After creating Credit Note with Refund yes, that invoice status become
> Paid and it creates Both Invoice and Credit Note type
> My questions are:
> 1) Since i have to search for which patient is corporate or normal on Draft
> Invoices, then what are the reasons behind Payment Term against each Party?
> There is a payment term "On Credit". How can i use it then?
> 2) Am i missing something? Is there any specific way to handle this special
> kind of corporate patient? or what i followed here is all right and only way
> to handle it?
> 3) How can i create an invoice against the Corporate at the end of month for
> services of all corporate patients?
> 4) For normal patients, on the opened invoices, sometime i see "Pay" button,
> but not for all invoices. For which conditions "Pay" button shows or not?
> 5) Is there any way to make Many2One Field autocomplete including Search and
> Create a new record beside the field? For example: On the Appointment form,
> i want to make Patient field autocomplete.
I think things become much easier in the upcoming 1.6 services module.
This module allows you to place all the services for a specific
patient, and choose which ones to invoice.

Under this schema, it would be easy to customize it to do the following :
a) split the services in "n" invoices, to different parties
b) choose a percentage of the amount depending on the insurance
company and/or insurance plan

Just a couple of examples, but the idea of the services module was
giving more flexibility and create a mid-point that permits these type
of operations.

Regarding linking the patient with a specific company as an employee,
you can do it via

Patient -> Party -> Configuration -> Companies -> Employees

Hope it helps.

> Warm Regards,
> Russel Mahmud
> 8801710378515
> Dhaka, Bangladesh

Luis Falcon
GNU Health

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