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[Health] Problem with missing Transifex translation files

From: Kostas Mousafiris
Subject: [Health] Problem with missing Transifex translation files
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2012 22:17:54 +0300
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Hi there everybody,

I would like to ask about a very disturbing problem that I saw over the last few days,
when I entered the Transifex platform, just to check what's going on with the Greek translation
that I had almost completed at 98%, some time back (about 6-7 months now).
I thought that maybe with some new version of the programme, there could be need for
some top-up translation work and I would be very happy to do it.

Unfortunately, I saw that most of the work that had already been done, was now missing!
The core module which was completed at 100 %, was now at a mere 45% ...
Some of the other important modules (like the Obs & Gynae module)
that I had also finished, are now coming up again as NOT done at all !!

It is of course quite disappointing and it takes away quite a bit of my enthusiasm.
Could anyone offer some explanation please?
Has anybody come across the same disturbing problem again?

Thanks a lot for your understanding


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