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[Health] Problems creating the GNUHealth database from tryton client

From: Bernardo Augusto García Loaiza
Subject: [Health] Problems creating the GNUHealth database from tryton client
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2014 12:49:38 -0500

Hello GNUHealth friends.

I am begin with GNUHealth, and currently I'm installing your 2.6.3  last version, downloaded from here ----> as say this procediment 

Inline image 1

Inline image 6

I get in my console output, that the server starting  on localhost:8000 such as the following picture:

Inline image 3

Why the tryton server start from localhost and not from *:8000 due to I've configured the option of  jsonrpc = *:8000 before?

Still, despite of this situation, I try connect from tryton client in the same machine of  tryton server with the following parameters
and I get the "Could not connect to the server" message

I've created the user gnuhealth in postgres such as says in this link 
And I allocate a password to user gnuhealth like as yoy watch in the first picture in this message

Why I cannot connect from tryton to postgres for setup the gnu health database still when my data are right?
Can anybody help me with this situation?


Bernardo Augusto García Loaiza
Ingeniero de Sistemas
Estudiante de Maestría en Ingeniería Informática - Universidad EAFIT

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