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[Health] Why non interactive clients "keeping out" at health.gnusolidari

From: Tom Blecher
Subject: [Health] Why non interactive clients "keeping out" at
Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 23:36:01 +0200

here it says

3. Connect to the GNU Health Demo Database using the following information:


Database: health28
User name: admin

Password: gnusolidario

Question to it: Can not one connect to the server via a non interactive client such as proteus? Port 8000 might indicate jasonrpc is used. But proteus speaks only xmlrpc. So AFAIK any available non interactive client is - kept - out.

Should this "keeping out" be seen a general line or why could not be opened then on the server even port 8069  with xmlrpc, to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance




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