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[Health] URI to demo db

From: Tom Blecher
Subject: [Health] URI to demo db
Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 01:29:46 +0200

Hello, have the following question:

Consider this script:
from proteus import config, Model
# - - [18/May/2015 23:03:31] code 401, message Unauthorized
#ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for admin:address@hidden:8069/gnuhealth_demo: 401 Unauthorized>
config.set_xmlrpc('http://admin:address@hidden:8069/gnuhealth') # This goes ok

The script gives access to gnuhealth as ordinary. Besides when it is about connections to gnuhealth demo database in whatever possible combination of user/password/database, as you see.
Could anyone help me with the right login URI to this demo database? (I am new to login URIs, you know.)

This is what the script did:
gunzip -q demo_database.sql.gzpsql -q -d template1 -c "create database $DB"psql -q "$DB" < demo_database.sql > /dev/null 2>&1
Nothing more than to put a data base by, why can not I then login as usually, I ask?

This is what the script anywhay says:
Use Tryton to access (with non-gnuhealth user!)...
    Database: gnuhealth_demo
    Username: admin
    Password: gnusolidario
So if anyone can help (for example by having experiences with the demo database) me with the posed questions, I would be grateful.

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