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[Health] Biometrics

From: Robert Schilt
Subject: [Health] Biometrics
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 21:36:10 +1000


A window of opportunity has opened up and we have been asked to provision a GNU Server for a proof of concept at one of the Provincial Health Authorities in Papua New Guinea. I say "opportunity" because open source in health in Papua New Guinea is unfortunately scarce. We are hoping to change this.

One of the key questions we will be asked is around biometrics and whether GNU Health supports finger / palm reader devices out of the box.

Is any one able to point me to any notes / case study or url talking more about this aspect of Patient Identification.

Perhaps someone has used a specific barnd of device that they might like to recommend.


Robert Schilt
Kuakawa Solutions
Papua New Guinea

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