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[Health] Duplicate parties, no VCard printing, Decimal places and Tax co

From: Chris R. Kasangaki
Subject: [Health] Duplicate parties, no VCard printing, Decimal places and Tax country
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 12:37:20 +0300

Hi everyone,

Please give me some help if you can.

I have started a full implementation of GnuHealth at a 200-bed hospital
in Uganda - the first such implementation in this country, I guess. I
am getting some trouble with registering people

        1. People I have registered as users need to be registered
again if I have to include them as employees. In addition when I
register them that way, both instances receive a unique PID, meaning
that the system sees them as unique individuals. Is there a place I can
register a person once and not have to repeat this scenario.

        2. I have also a problem of printing ID/VCards, When I ask to
print a report and choose VCard, nothing happens. Is there some other
configuration I need to activate?

        3. When I enter prices of products I get four decimal places.
Is there a configuration where I can determine the number of Decimal
places or even remove them completely for my currency? Here the
explanation is that Uganda's currency though in theory it has shillings
and cents, practically it does not use the cents any more and so the
decimal places are not too useful. At any rate, if we were to use them,
I think two places would be enough.

        4. Finally, for purposes of including VAT and other statutory
taxes, I am unable to include Uganda as a tax country. Is there a work
around for this?

I apologize if the questions are too many, but I have nowhere else to
run and from the look of things I am likely to have more in the coming

Thank you very much in advance.



Chris R. Kasangaki 


P.O. Box 23545

Kampala, Uganda. 
Mobile: +256772648222, +256705648222, 
        +256794648222, +256752648222 
Fax, Voice, Int.: +447092178997 
(Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail): chriskasangaki 
skype: kris-kay

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