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[Health] Some questions regarding Prescriptions

From: Khurram Shahzad
Subject: [Health] Some questions regarding Prescriptions
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2016 12:55:54 +0500

Dear Community,

Following issues have been noticed with reference to prescription and subsequent issuance of medicine from pharmacy along with stock movement:

1. The prescription is written by doctor and he/she will also have to:

     a) Update Services (for this he will have to create invoice)
     b) Create Prescription stock move
We want these steps to be performed at Pharmacy at the time of issuance of medicine because:
    i) At the issuance of medicine in pharmacy, the quantity of medicine can be changed and/or more medicine can be added/removed. Since, we have already done the stock movement, any change in invoice will post transaction to accounts not matching with stock movement.
  ii) The "create prescription stock movement" does not check the current inventory in stock this results in negative stock in hand.

2. Beside of above-mentioned problems, the current feature of creating and charging invoices in "health services" takes a number of steps which consumes a lot of time. The steps include:
    i) create service invoice
    ii) validate it
    iii) post invoice
    iv) Pay invoice

3. Shouldn't we have all these steps done on one feature"Health Service Invoices":
    i) select prescription to include in invoice
    ii) add/update current service lines
    iii) select payment mode Cash or Credit
    iv) click on "Create Invoice and Move Stock" button which checks stock in hand and accordingly creates the invoice, makes stock movements, posts the invoice and charges appropriate journal.


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