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Error with grammar arguments

From: Rob Casey
Subject: Error with grammar arguments
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 19:18:00 +1100


I have a (large) grammar where I have code similar to that below:

    | identifier ':' array_spec_init {
                log_debug( "%p", $identifier );
                log_debug( "%p", $array_spec_init );

When this grammar is run, the following is shown in the output:

Stack now 0 1 3 15 83
Entering state 194
Reducing stack by rule 154 (line 2062):
   $1 = token identifier (1.6-25: )
   $2 = token ':' (1.27: )
   $3 = nterm array_spec_init (1.29-56: )
debug: *0x255b930*
debug: *0x255b930*

Note that the same pointer address is returned for $identifier and

Before asking anyone to look at my grammar, I thought I would ask as to
whether anyone has seen an error such as this before?

Thanks in advance.


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