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No Bison 3 in untainted macOS installs

From: Uxio Prego
Subject: No Bison 3 in untainted macOS installs
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2018 11:05:33 +0100

Does anybody know when Bison 3 is going to be added to

Fortunately other projects such as Homebrew allow a
straightforward selection of a cutting edge alternative Bison
under `/usr/local/`, however isn't it a bit sad to add Homebrew
as a dependency to some other software if it would be added
**only** for de facto upgrading the ancient Bison 2.3 ~2006 to
the contemporary Bison 3?

Kudos for holding `%pure-parser` still in Bison 3 - I guess it
should help in order not to depend on adding Homebrew as a
common dependency on macOS for projects using Bison.

I know, the case is totally proper for solving assuming
Homebrew or docker etc, still, it's sad. I also know this is not
really on topic. I'm sorry.

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