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Re: Errors when building from source

From: Uxio Prego
Subject: Re: Errors when building from source
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2018 19:03:13 +0100

To whomever might concern,

I followed OP's steps while on macOS and only was able to
finish bootstrap once dirtied several `md5sum` occurrences
replacing by `md5`, in `/PATH/TO/BISON/gnulib/gnulib-tool`.

I've found that `md5sum` is part of GNU Coreutils, which I
previously had selected via Homebrew (_installed_, in
Homebrew jargon).

**For GNU Bison, am I supposed to be providing the GNU
Coreutils dependency (for Gnulib) in a way other than
Homebrew** (a standalone install… a Macports package...)?

I had a look into the Gnulib as a submodule basic docs,
and its README simply recommends to `cd doc && make
gnulib.html`, which then on my tryout yielded some `makeinfo`

Should I refer these as portability trivia at a gnulib list?

> On 26 Dec 2018, at 15:57, Wouter Beek <address@hidden> wrote:
> Dear Bison users,
> I'm having trouble building recent Bison versions from source. [...]
> These are the commands that I run:
>    git clone
>    cd bison
>    git submodule update --init
>    ./bootstrap
>    ./configure
>    make
> [...]
> ---
> Best regards,
> Wouter Beek.
> [...]
> _______________________________________________
> address@hidden

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