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Re: cfengine runs every hour by default?

From: cmustard
Subject: Re: cfengine runs every hour by default?
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 16:49:40 +0000
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On Thu, Apr 08, 2004 at 09:46:19PM -0500, Brendan Strejcek wrote:
> cmustard wrote:
> > are there any consequences to disabling cfexecd and only running
> > cfservd
> That depends on your admin philosophy. Disabling cfservd (and not
> running cfagent with cron) moves more towards a push model. See

- Do you mean diabling cfexecd? That is the one that runs hourly
  by default.

> for a quick overview of this debate. I (and many others) believe that
> a cfrun-style (push) approach does not scale as well and is more error
> prone.

- Hmmm, any examles in what to expect,... error prone?
  Because for my situation using cfengine in this (push style)
  is actually preferred. I am using cfengine to push current staging
  environment into production middleware box's. This usually only
  happens on friday after patches but it's nice to have the option
  to push to a specific host any changes when necessary.
  It is not desirable to run every hour, it doesn't hurt anything really,
  (unless the main cfservd server get's 'screwed' with, but it is entirely 
  unessesary (to run every hour) since no changes have occured, it just
  creates unessesary network traffic. 

> > They both create automatic init scipts for themsleves, It seems odd
> > that they would both be created if they were not both defintetly
> > nedded
> Note that cfengine proper does not do this. That was packaging policy
> decided upon by some distributor. Mark only releases source.

- Good, point. thanks for pointing that out. I did use the rpm, and I do
  not agree with this packaging decision. 

  Thank you for the help and insight.

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