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possible to undefine hostname class?

From: David Kewley
Subject: possible to undefine hostname class?
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 15:43:10 -0700
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I'm trying to do something weird but useful, and I can't get it to work.  I 
wonder if anyone has any ideas.

I am generating kickstart files for all my hosts.  Servers get "lang_support 
en_US" and workstations get "lang_support --default en_US".  This has the 
effect of only installing Englilsh stuff on servers (that's all we sysadmins 
need), but installing all languages on workstations with English as the 
default (useful to the many folks in my department who speak other 

I'd like cfagent to help me with such pieces of the kickstart file, because it 
already "knows" which machines are servers and which are workstations.

Make sense so far?  I mean "sense" as in concepts, not whether it's a good 
idea.  (Although I will accept feedback on whether this is a good idea. :)

The problem is, I am trying to generate all the kickstart files on one host.  
There is one cfagent run per kickstart host.  On each run, the class named 
after that hostname is defined.  But the host running cfagent also has its 
hostname class defined.  As a result, I have classes getting defined both for 
the host running cfagent, and for the host I'm generating a kickstart file 

I've tried multiple ways to disable the bad hostname class (-N, -U, setting 
the class to "/bin/false" before the other host classes are evaluated) but 
none of them work.

Suggestions?  I welcome all suggestions, including "here's a better way to do 
it that doesn't use cfagent this way".


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