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cfengine config files location

From: Tim Nelson
Subject: cfengine config files location
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 13:14:55 +1000 (EST)

Hi all. I'm writing a package which when installed on a cfengine server will want to put in a cfengine configuration file in the cfengine master repository.

        What I'm wondering is, what folder is this?

I'm using a cfengine 2.1.0 RPM from the repo. There's no obvious location for this sort of thing in that package. I'm assuming that this is because cfengine is only software, and not the configuration files.

Can I suggest that we have a cfengine-base-config package? Yes, I'm already aware of the examples, and these are good, but I'm more talking about an empty framework for configuration. It'd also be nice to have an extension that indicates what kind of files they are, instead of a prefix. I'd suggest .cfa (for .cfagent, which AFAIK is the interpreter).

        Here's what I'd suggest as the framework:
/etc/cfengine/master: cfengine configuration files to be rolled out
/etc/cfengine/updater: update.conf and any other basic files which need to
        be rolled out with it.
/etc/cfengine/cfservd.conf: Same as current

        Then, inside master, you have the following:
cfagent.conf: same purpose as the current, but with these contents:
--------------------- in which you define all your grouping-type classes, such as
        server purposes, locations, software, and whatever else you want
        to group by. Lists all the other files, and only includes the relevant
        ones.  I'd suggest the following as a start:
#       all::
#               conf.d/
#       WebServer::
#               conf.d/
#               conf.d/
#       MailServer::
#               conf.d/
#               conf.d/
Please note that all the lines are commented. This is so that it doesn't do anything until people tell it to.

conf.d: This directory would contain all the scripts referred to in  This would enable programs which wanted to define
        some cfengine configuration to just dump it in here.  We could
also make it contain some empties of files that people might want. --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mark, does this fit the cfengine philosophy well enough? Would you distribute this from the cfengine website if it existed (either as part of the cfengine package, or as a separate package)?


Tim Nelson
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