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[help-cgicc] string > 16 characters

From: Vitaliy
Subject: [help-cgicc] string > 16 characters
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 22:57:36 +0200

Hi there,

   here is my code:
      const_form_iterator sValue = cgi.getElement("sValue");
      if (...)
         string str = **sValue;
   here is the problem:

   everything works correct, but if string value > 16 characters
   next assert fails (dbgheap.c):
         * If this ASSERT fails, a bad pointer has been passed in. It may be
         * totally bogus, or it may have been allocated from another heap.
         * The pointer MUST come from the 'local' heap.

   what I did wrong, and what should I do?

   N.B. all strings < 16 characters works good!
Best regards,
 Vitaliy                          mailto:address@hidden

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