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[help-cgicc] problems with forms submitted via http POST

From: juju4ml934685
Subject: [help-cgicc] problems with forms submitted via http POST
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 15:54:22 +0200
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my cgi program and a tutorial cgicc program both crash when
called with the http "POST" method and with some ?key=value
added to the url.

The program crash is in the call to isEmpty() in a context like here:
form_iterator fvalue1 = formData.getElement("value1");
if( !fvalue1->isEmpty() && fvalue1 != (*formData).end())
cout << "Value1: " << **fvalue1 << endl;

this problem only shows when all of the 3 following conditions concur:
a) the cgi program receives data via the POST method
b) the url has key/value pairs added as in the GET method
c) there's a call to FormEntry::isEmpty() or FormEntry::length

- if instead of a) i use http GET, then it works fine, and i can even
use code
like the above to retrieve the http get vars.
- if instead of b) there are no GET-type vars at the end of the url, a
POST request
is processed just fine. However, it seems that any cgi program used with
http post
shows this problem if the user just adds ?somekey=somevalue to the url.
- if instead of c) i don't use FormEntry, it works fine even if i use
post with ?key=value
added to the url. i could even parse these manually from the query
string (where they
do get transferred).

if you want to reproduce this problem, just compile the example code from
and call it with "POST" method AND adding any ?key=value to the url.

is this a bug or  did i overlook something?


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