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[help-cgicc] How to install glibc-2.4 correctly

Subject: [help-cgicc] How to install glibc-2.4 correctly
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 15:06:49 -0500

Hi everyone,

What Matt gave me as an answer is not helping me.  At work I have to use an 
IRIX machine but this machine does not have a C++ compiler on it.  I am dealing 
with many images but they have to be renamed and C++ will be used to rename 
them (instead of myself renaming them manually).  I have gone through the FAQ 
manual and the online documentation.  I would like to know all information 
required to properly install the glibc-2.4 tar file.  Can someone just tell me 
the bare basics (I really don't want to ruin the computer's system)?


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