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Re: Message lost?

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Message lost?
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 00:11:06 -0600
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Андрей Парамонов wrote:
> 2010-11-04 19:33:00 1PE2k6-0002iH-AE == address@hidden
> R=dnslookup T=remote_smtp defer (-44): SMTP error from remote mail
> server after RCPT TO:<address@hidden>: host
> []: 451 Could not complete sender verify callout

The machine is the MX relay for  All incoming
mail for addresses will be received by eggs.  Here eggs is
pushing the mail back with a temporary rejection 451.  The 400 series
codes are temporary rejections.  A permanent rejection would be a 500
series code.  Temporary rejects happen for reasons of full disks or
DNS lookup failures or other reasons and simply cause the mail to stay
in the sender email queue.  The sender will retry again later.  If the
situation continues then eventually the message delivery will timeout.
But usually the issue will be resolved and the message can then be
delivered when it retries.

The reason given was "Could not complete sender verify callout" which
means that eggs tried to determine if your address <pent at> could receive messages.  If you look at the logs on
the host you should find record of eggs trying to send
a message probe to it.  That probe was denied. would
not receive email.  Because of that eggs pushed back your mail with
the 451 temporary rejection.  It is temporary because at some point in
the future might be able to accept the email.

In summary the reason eggs rejected your email is that your email
server rejected eggs email.

Looking at why won't accept email I see that it is
missing an MX record.

  $ host -t mx has no MX record

Secondly is not accepting connections on the SMTP

  $ connect 25
  FATAL: Unable to connect to destination host, errno=111

If you configure to accept email from eggs then you
should be able to send email from that address.  When you changed to that worked because allows eggs to send it email.

Hope that helps,

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