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Re: Remove IP address

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Remove IP address
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2020 16:24:51 -0700

Hello Ali,

Ali Reza Hayati wrote:
> This is ARH, one of GNU. We received this email message:
> > My IP address is mentioned at:
> >

I have responded twice to Norbert so far on this issue.

Note that actually accomplishing a change here is not trivial.  GNU is
using a local instance of the Debian BTS.  And even Debian upstream
has decided not to change how this is handled.  This is a bug report
from May 2000 talking about exposing the same information.  It was
closed "wontfix" upstream.

This has been getting discussed in the help-debbugs list and in this
bug ticket.

And then there is the organizational privacy policy.  The GNU & FSF
policy for mailing list archives can be viewed here:

    Mailing list archive policy
    We have a strong policy of not editing the web archives. See our
    full [privacy policy].

The full policy referenced includes this section.

    Information You Make Public

    The FSF maintains services such as wikis, email discussion lists,
    forums, and software distribution Web sites where users may submit
    information to be published publicly. You are creating a
    permanent, public record of information added, removed, and/or
    altered by you, including information which may identify you. For
    example, emails to public discussion lists are publicly available
    in their entirety, including your email address. Please think
    carefully about your desired level of anonymity before you
    disclose personal information.

And therefore as a general rule we do not edit the web archives.

Not to be forgotten is also the Streisand effect.  The very act of
trying to suppress something calls attention to it.

Even better John Oliver did a (tremendously humorous but very
irreverent, NSFW due to language) report on this topic too.

Usually it is better to let sleeping dogs lie.  Otherwise attempts to
suppress information will only serve to call attention to it.

My best advice to people is to do nothing.


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