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Re: [help-GIFT] New application to the GIFT

From: John Restrepo
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] New application to the GIFT
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 19:01:24 +0100


Thanks for your fast response. Arjen de Vries told me that you answer very fast, but I did not expect it was going to be that fast.

I have now charmer running ( and the results are very promising. The problem was not the ../localhost... whatever in the url2fts.xml file but a restriction in my firewall.

With the php interface, I just do not get it. If I use the interface at with my server name and port, and it works, see

but the interface I downloaded does not. See

I have edited both demo.php and Client.php to reflect the settings in my server. The .../php directory has proper permits so it can write on it (to create the image subdirectory). It just does not give any feedback. I have checked and it does not even attempt to connect with the server (does not send any MRML message).

I believe that either the gziped version of the interface you offer to download is different from the one you have actually running on your server, or I am missing something here. I feel very stupid.

Oh. Could you give me some infos on what dependencies where of particular
interest? I due to complaints I have assembled a perl package that should be
about it (?)

If I remeber OK, it was:

Libwww (which required)
        Digest-MD5 (I do not know why...)
And then

In your readme you wrote that it requires Perl 5.003 or younger (???). I have 5.8.0 and works apparently ok.

John Restrepo <address@hidden>
TU Delft
Industrieel Ontwerpen
Landbergstraat 15 Kamer 10-4B-39
2628CE Delft
The Netherlands
Phone +31 15 278-5146 Fax +31 15 278-7179

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