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[help-GIFT] Help me out

From: mane_01
Subject: [help-GIFT] Help me out
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 05:51:49 -0800

Dear Sir,
 I hope you will not receive this proposal too surprising. I got your
contact E-mail address in the Internet while searching for a trustworthy
 business partner who I can entrust a reasoning amount of money on his or
 her care for investment.I am a Liberian and  my father Philip Waeh is a 
cabinet member of President Charles Taylor's administration he die  in the 
war.I am presently in Nigeria under political asylum status because of the on 
going war in Liberia. For your information my told me that he has secured and 
sent abroad in consignment the sum of US$15m through diplomatic means. The fund 
is presently under the custody of a finance security company in oversea.The 
money was originally meant for the purchase of arms and ammunition to fight the 
rebel groups in Liberia but from thelook of things  it is like we cannot 
continue with the war because of the intervention of  President George Bush of 
America.As a result of the present development I now send the money abroad for 
my personal investment without the knowledge of our Government. My main purpose 
of   writing you is to seek your partnership if you could make claim of the 
money from the security company as the beneficiary for the ben
efit of both us.I am willing to discuss sharing ratio in any reliable business 
you would embark Details of how you are going to claim the money from the 
security company shall be made know to you as soon as you indicate your 
interest in this transaction. Please treat this proposal with utmost confidence 
and send me your information:
1. Full legal names and contact address
2. Direct phone and fax numbers
I need your urgent response through this E-mail
Yours faithfully,

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