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[help-GIFT] GIFT on Mac OS X compile OK!

From: Seventeen
Subject: [help-GIFT] GIFT on Mac OS X compile OK!
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 09:39:20 +0800
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Dear All,

With my friends' help. The GIFT under Mac OS X finally compiled ok last night. The main problem of the process is that fink install all its stuff in /sw directory.
So we need to add /sw/include for include files and /sw/lib to library.
It will be better to do it in ./configure step.

For pass the compile of GIFTServer directory, just modify the following line of Makefile:

LIBS = -lpthread -lm  -L/sw/lib -lexpat

BTW, although the gift can be compiled, but still run with some error messge.

# /usr/local/bin/gift
dyld: /usr/local/bin/gift Undefined symbols:
Trace/BPT trap

BTW, I found that cygwin gift had the error message of "Could not find Session".

  <error  message="Could not find Session " />
   <error  message="Could not process query: unknown session (ID:)." />

Dear Wolfgang Müller,

I solved some problem. And it seems the finally step of compile GIFTServer.
It's late here in Taiwan now.

Go back home :)

Following is my compiling log.

get source from cvs

# make

Encounter XML... and lack of expat.h error.

copy /sw/include/expat.h

# make

cp /usr/include/malloc/malloc.h libSquirePPM/.

These include files are from linux

cp /Users/s7n/values.h libSquirePPM/.
cp /Users/s7n/features.h libSquirePPM/.
cp /Users/s7n/stubs.h libSquirePPM/gnu/.

# make

In file included from
CTCPSocket.h:64: error: field `mSocketAddress' has incomplete type warning: #warning "threading blocked" In member function `virtual bool CSFGift::operator()(int)': error: invalid use of undefined type `struct sockaddr_in'
CTCPSocket.h:64: error: forward declaration of `struct sockaddr_in'
make[3]: *** [Server.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

According to the following url:

Add one line in CTCPSocket.h
#include <netinet/in.h>

# make

Encounter CDomain error.

#vi Makefile Remove all CDomain releated stuff.

g++ -g -O2 -DEF_PROTECT_BELOW=1 -DEF_PROTECT_FREE -DEF_PROTECT_ALIGNMENT=8 -DEF_FILL=42 -o .libs/gift Server.o CSocket.o CTCPSocket.o processMessage.o CProcessMessageParameters.o CMultiServer.o -lstdc++ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libMRML/cc/ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTAcPerl/cc/ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTQuPerl/cc/ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTAcInvertedFile/cc/ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTAcHierarchy/cc/ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTAcDistanceMatrix/cc/ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTQuInvertedFile/cc/ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTQuBayesian/cc/ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTQuHierarchy/cc/ -L/Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTAcURL2FTS/cc/ /Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTQuPerl/cc//.libs/libGIFTQuPerl.0.0.0 /Users/gift/cvs/gift/libGIFTAcPerl/cc//.libs/libGIFTAcPerl.0.0.0 /Users/gift/cvs/gift/libMRML/cc//.libs/libMRML.0.3.0 -ldl -L/usr/local/lib -lpthread -lm
ld: Undefined symbols:
make[1]: *** [gift] Error 1
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

Seventeen Chen RHCE Graduate Institute of Medical Informatics Center for Biomedical Informatics
Taipei Medical University
250 Wu Hsing Street Taipei City 110 TAIWAN TEL:+886-2-23776730 ext 107 Fax: +886-2-27279049 E-mail: address@hidden

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