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Re: [help-GIFT] the algorithm config

From: Henning Müller
Subject: Re: [help-GIFT] the algorithm config
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 14:16:31 +0200
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It does not make much sense to change the configuration file for this. This is an option in the MRML of the query.
The interfaces allow you this as does the perl module for querying.

Cheers, Henning

higo ic a écrit :
i want to query images only color,and i modify the config.mrml cut the texture-h texture-b and now this is the color only query algorithm but when i want texture only,i have to cut the color So i made two algorithms for color and texture seperately, named "algorithm-color" "algorithm-texture" update the config.mrml But the server didn't find these not existing algorithms,and of cource they are not in the gift My question is 1 when i want to color or texture,how do i modify the congifuration file just one time , there is only a algorithm which gift can read 2 And the sub4 seems to return the score not exceeds 0.25 , the other 3can make the 0.9+


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