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RE: What does "label 'default' not found." mean?

From: Suresh Govindachar
Subject: RE: What does "label 'default' not found." mean?
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 11:48:07 -0800

  >> What does this error message mean?:
  >>     > global -f src/Main.cpp
  >>     global: label 'default' not found.
  > If you use configuration file (gtags.conf or $HOME/.globalrc),
  > it must contain 'default' label. Please see GTAGSCONF and
  > GTAGSLABEL in the online manual (man global).
  > The path of the configuration file is displayed using the -v
  > option.
  >     > global -f src/Main.cpp -v

  Thanks.  I read the manual, and looked at gtags/gtags.conf,
  but do not understand the termcap(5) format of .globalrc;  
  how do I specify the following in ~/.globalrc?:



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