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RE: Re[3]: [Help-glpk] glpk in VC7

From: Liu, Cheng
Subject: RE: Re[3]: [Help-glpk] glpk in VC7
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 10:41:16 -0400


It works.  I compiled glpk-4.5 to glpk.lib by modifying INCLUDE and LIB
environment variables under Window XP, VC7 2003.

Thanks so much,


>>I also tried to compile w32vcd.mak.  It complained that windows.h can
>>not be found.
>Looks like your msvs installation is incomplete (uuid.lib is part of

I recall that nmake and cl need some environment variables to be set
properly. Find vcvars32.bat (or something similar) and run it before
running nmake.

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