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R: R: [Help-glpk] link glpk with borland c++

From: Giampaolo Tomassoni
Subject: R: R: [Help-glpk] link glpk with borland c++
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 23:36:53 +0200

> Hi Giampaolo,
> should I compare OpenWatcom, Digital Mars and Borland 5.5 with gcc?
> I'm afraid that have omitted one more IMHO :)

Ahahah. No, of course not. I was just curious if gcc was in you benchmark list: 
I use mostly it and never worked with OW and DM, and my personal experience of 
Borland cames from many years ago.

Is there any 'official' benchmark of these diverse compilers against glpk?



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