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Re: [Help-glpk] infeasible solution support

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] infeasible solution support
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 20:31:50 +0400

> My name is Roman, I #39;m an Economics student at Tel-Aviv University. I
> #39;m working on solving a MILP problem which involves devising an
> algorithm to solve problems in which initially there are no feasible
> solutions.

> I #39;ve been using Lindo as a basis for this, but later found your
> algorithm - GLPK.

> The problem is as follows: Lindo gives feedback when the constraint set
> is infeasible (using some sort of IIS module)- it tells you what are the
> necessary or sufficient constraints to remove to achieve a solution.
> Your algorithm doesn #39;t have this option, or at least I wasn #39;t
> able to locate such an option. I find this feedback from Lindo to
> be extremely valuable to my work.

> Does GLPK has something of this sort?

No, currently the infeasibility analysis is not implemented in glpk.

Would like to note that IIS is applicable to pure lp, but not to mip.
In case of mip a similar analysis is impractical (except some trivial

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