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Re: [Help-glpk] Visualize Matrix A (in Ax = b)

From: Vijay Patil
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Visualize Matrix A (in Ax = b)
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 18:22:50 +0530

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 12:49 AM, Andrew Makhorin <address@hidden> wrote:
> Few days back, there was a discussion on the mailing list about
> sparse and dense constraint coefficient matrices. I thought it would
> be nice to be able to visualize matrix A and "see" how much sparse it
> is. This might help verify, understand and debug LP/MIP models created
> using MathProg.

Glpk includes some internal routines for such purpose (see glpspm.c),
in particular, spm_show_mat to write the sparse matrix pattern in bitmap
format. However, I do not know if it is reasonable to carry out such
routines on api level.

I just played around these functions, seems to be working fine. For small matrices the BMP images would be too small. For 10 X 10 matrix, it would 10 X 10 pixel image.

Did you create these functions and structures like SPM to debug in initial stages of GLPK development?

/* Matrix Visualisation. Create 300x300 pixel BMP file.
 * Vijay Patil
 * */

#include "glpspm.h"

#define ROWCNT 300
#define COLCNT 300

int main(void)
    SPM * matrix = NULL;   
    int ri, ci;

    matrix = spm_create_mat(ROWCNT, COLCNT);
    for(ri = 1; ri <= ROWCNT; ri++) {
        for(ci = 1; ci <= COLCNT; ci++) {
            if(ri == ci)
                spm_new_elem(matrix, ri, ci, 1.0); // WHITE
            else if(ri == COLCNT - ci)
                spm_new_elem(matrix, ri, ci, -1.0); // CYAN
            else if(ri == ROWCNT/2)
                spm_new_elem(matrix, ri, ci, 0.0); // GREEN

            // Other cells should be BLACK

    spm_show_mat(matrix, "matrix.bmp");
    system("gimp -s matrix.bmp &");


    return 0;

Vijay Patil

Attachment: matrix.bmp
Description: Windows bitmap

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