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Re: [Help-glpk] Re: glpk 4.34 release information

From: Luiz M. M. Bettoni
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Re: glpk 4.34 release information
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 08:42:19 +0300

Hello, Xypron!
Thaks for reply.

>> every GLPK release), but add a way to build GLPK directly from
>> MinGW can be very useful for newbies.
> the only Windows build files for GLPK 4.34 that support ODBC
> connectivity are those for Visual Studio Express 2008 and the Windows
> SDK. Both can be downloaded free of charge from Microsoft. This is
> why I currently consider this build environment a good starting
> point.
> Have you created MinGW build files with ODBC support? This would be
> helpful.

I didn't use the VS2008 build 'cause it is much slower then MinGW build.
On all my tests with several models in GMPL, the MinGW version take
less than a half of VS2008 version time...

I didn't use ODBC. But after your point i've build glpk with ODBC support
from MinGW - and make a successful connect to an ms excel database!
See attacahed odbc.mod and odbc.xls (need to create an odbc database
linked to xls file in control panel).
The suggested MinGW files to build GLPK are attached too.

A note: i've tested some models with CSV tables. CSV, as a table, is more
comprehensible data format to human read than ".dat" files. But the usage of
memory make me return to .dat files - something like 0.6 Mb using ".dat"
jump to more than 6.0 Mb using CSV, with the same data... So, a point: the
ODBC consume a lot of memory too?

>> Third, i'm working with GMPL models calling glpsol.exe under a
>> custom IDE build from SciTE for Windows. Someone has interest? I
>> can public the source or pre-build versions if so. The interface
>> is in English, but i need some help to translate the quick-start
>> doc from Brazilian Portuguese.
> I would be very keen to be able to use an IDE with GLPK. It would be
> very kind if you could provide the source.

I'll do it soon. I'm actually translating the basic guide to English
[some Brazilian speaker interested in help my bad English? =)] and
trying to create a sourceforge project.

>> Andrew, some restriction or recommendation to distribute it with
>> a pre-build glpk bin?
> Please, have a look at the GNU Public Licence.
> The Scintalla/SciTE licence seems to be compatible with GPL, if you
> want to combine GLPK and some of the SciTE code into one package.

Ok, i've looked at it but my "expertise" in open source is minimal...
So, I'll publish the source soon, and any help about license will be


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