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[Help-glpk] More conditional variables fun

From: Yaron Kretchmer
Subject: [Help-glpk] More conditional variables fun
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 13:24:30 -0700

Hi There.
Using feedback I got from the mailing list, I was able to formulate binary conditional variables.

Now I'd like to be able to model conditional non-binary variables. Does anybody know how to formulate this in mathprog?

----------Begin Description -------------------
*) a,b are binary
*) c,d,e is continuous.
*) I'd like c to be
    - 0 if a=b=0
    - d if a=0,b=1
    - e if a=1,b=0
    - 0 if a=b=1
----------End Description

Thanks much

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