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Re: [Help-glpk] jEdit 5.opre1 and glpkIDE plugin in Mac OS X

From: Nigel Galloway
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] jEdit 5.opre1 and glpkIDE plugin in Mac OS X
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2012 06:35:34 -0700

I installed jEdit 5 replacing jEdit 4.5 and all pugins are still working
including glpkIDE as far as I can tell.

The plugin comes in 4 parts:

mathprog.xml which is a syntax highlighter for mathprog in jEdit. To
install this you must place mathprog.xml in the jEdit modes directory
and modify the Catalog file in that directory to associate mathprog
files with whatever suffixes you use. This may be used independently of
the rest of the plugin. It should work on a Mac.

You need a compiled glpk, I assume you have that.

glpsolWP is a java implementation for glpsol which enhances glpsol by
accepting parameters which can be used in mathprog files. The
documentation includes an example using cal.mod from glpk examples such
that the year may be entered as a command line parameter. It requires an
interface to glp_main. There is a swig file in the plugin which will
produce this. I made xypron aware that glpk-java didn't support the
interface to glp_main, and he reported fixing it, so this may now work
with glpk-java, perhaps on a mac? Note that although glpk's user guide
points to glpsol.c as an example of using glpk with C, and that glpsol
calls glp_main, Andrew and Xypron claim it is an undocumented interface,
so what can one do? Doing this on a Mac? See:

The plugin require glpsolWP. The actual plugin is built using Ant. The
plugin includes a build.xml file. The resulting jar should be placed in
jEdit jars directory and jEdit's plugin manager used to make jEdit aware
of and enable it.  

  Nigel Galloway

On Sat, Oct 27, 2012, at 09:12 PM, Meketon, Marc wrote:
> jEdit is not listed in the wiki-books
> (   Might be nice
> for someone with experience in using jEdit for GMPL to update the wiki
> page.
> -Marc
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> [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf
> Of Noli Sicad
> Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 11:20 PM
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> Subject: [Help-glpk] jEdit 5.opre1 and glpkIDE plugin in Mac OS X
> Hi Nigel,
> I Installed jEdit 5.0pre1 in Mac OS X. jEdit 5.0pre1 looks nice in Mac OS
> X.
> Changes
> Would glpkIDE plugin (below link) works in this release?
> How do you install glpkIDE (below) in jEdit?
> Thanks.
> Noli
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