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Re: [Help-glpk] Cannot run in parallel mode due to the static Env in GLP

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Cannot run in parallel mode due to the static Env in GLPK
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2013 15:29:00 +0400

On Fri, 2013-12-06 at 16:54 +1030, Sean Ma wrote:

> The previous mentioned problem has been identified, which is due to
> the static Env in GLPK, more exactly to say, when calling GLPK we
> cannot run in parallel mode.

Glpk is *not* thread safe. The reference manual warns about that.

> Therefore, I was just wondering it might be good to change the Env in
> GLPK from static to be explicitly allocated by the user before
> constructing the model. In that case, when we have many models running
> in parallel mode, there will be no such a restriction.
> I think something similar to CPLEX would be good. First we have to
> construct the Env, and then this Env will be connected to one or more
> models. If you need more details, please let me know.

This is insufficient to make glpk thread-safe, because (by design) it
has no locks to prevent accessing the same problem object from different
threads. Nevertheless it is possible to make glpk reenterable by
replacing glpk/src/env/tls.c with a platform-specific version that
stores 'tls' pointer in a thread local storage. Please see an example of
such implementation for MS Windows dll: .

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